Tuesday, September 29, 2009


In the first week I went to the Social Sciences Conference . Most of my time was spent promoting GIS However I did go on a field trip to Ripapa Island. This was really interesting. I forgot to take my camera so there are only the photos on the website.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

50 Geocaches

In the April school holidays Grandma's A team began geocaching. Our first cache was nearby about 5 minutes walk from home. Since then the team of Charles, Christopher and Grandma has found 21 caches in our local area. Charles and Christopher found 28 more ( plus two they located but could write in log due to muggles) in South Africa. We have place one cache of our own which has been visited five times. Our own cache is called Tana's Track. It is near several other caches in the Wainuiomata River recreation area, including the oldest still active cache in New Zealand.

In South Africa Charles and Christopher place a travel bug in the TB hotel (Palm Tree TB Rest Stop in Polowane). So far it has not been moved.

One of our favorite caches in near Opiki Palmerston North . Check out this interesting website about the bridge.

To celebrate our 50 finds or places we have bought a 50 geocoin which we will start on a journey from the first cache ( Hezka Prochazka) we found.

Check our photo log in the side bar

To quote from Charles speech ( for which he gained a disticntion in the NZ Speech Board exams) " There are thousands of geocaches all over the world. Thousands of people enjoy geocaching. I (We) find it fun. You could join the fun and look for "treasure" too."

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July Holidays in Wellington

First time in three years I have not been overseas in July and with Charles and Christopher (and their parents) away in South Africa there has been no geocaching - though it has been too wet anyway. I am planning to go and check our cache but so far there has not been a break in the rain and gloom.

It was briefly fine on Saturday morning (there was a bright glare in the sky for a few hours) when we pruned the rest of the fruit trees. I also managed to plant a lemon and 20 strawberry plants - it was only light drizzle.

It is very quiet but I have had an enormous tidy up at school; papers will now sit on the desk rather than a heap. Hope it improves my teaching!

Other than school preparation I am working through the indoor chores list. So far other than little tasks like mending and getting bed bolts (wrong size have to swap) for spare bed I have painted the back bathroom. The colour is called Hutt River - probably the colour the River is at present!

Another task these holidays is to buy a new car. This was unplanned. On 25 June I was going to a Meeting at Eagle Technology regarding GIS in Schools when the traffic suddenly slowed. I stooped but the person behind me failed to stop. A big thump followed. This concertinaed my boot and pushed me into the car in front. - only popped their bumper but the towbar pushed in my radiator. I was fortunately not hurt - a bit shaken up. The Ambulance arrived - person behind me went off - she was walking - checking out her back. The Police arrived. I got a ride with one of the police to my meeting and was only 30 minutes late. I have been wondering where I would park my car. The Porirua City Tow Company Yard had not been on my list!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

More geocaching

It was supposed to be wet today but it was beautiful so after some shopping off we went to look for two caches, One in the Catchpole Valley and one at the coast near the mouth of the Wainuiomata River. Both finds were straight forward though we had to watch for the muggles (non-geocachers). But all was well we retreived and replaced without being seen. We then had fun climbing the rocks and watching the sea.

Friday, April 17, 2009


Charles, Christopher and I have got hooked into geocaching. I had thought about it for a while then decided it would be fun for this holidays; gives our regular walks some more interest. Though I am pleased that the interest in the bush and imaginative games continues (sorry video is on the side I will have the camera landscape next time) and are not lost in the technology. So far we have found two caches within easy walking distance of home -places we have been a number of times before. We now have an idea of where we would like to put our own cache suitable for kids.